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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Providing solutions for treatable diseases in rescue animals through education, testing, prevention, and treatment by virtue of the generosity of donors.

To provide humane care to lost, ill, or neglected animals by providing loving foster care, vaccinations, and veterinary care as required, then offering them for adoption to qualified applicants.

Adoption Policy

Hi, Our adoption process is really quite simple. You see a pet you want and send in an inquiry. One of our officers contacts you to answer any questions about that animal you may have. If you want to proceed further, the next step is an application, and if approved, a meet and greet. Everything clicking? You are happy? The animal is happy? The next step is adoption, or if the animal qualifies, you can choose a 2-week trial (with deposit) to make sure all works out. We are there to make sure that you are matched with the pet that best fits your home and lifestyle.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets