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Samoyed Rescue of Texas, Inc.

Dallas, TX

Our Mission

Samoyed Rescue of Texas, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 non-profit, all volunteer dog rescue organization serving the state of Texas, and the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

We are dedicated to rescuing Samoyeds and strong Samoyed mixes that are homeless for a variety of reasons, dogs at high risk of euthanasia in public shelters, dogs surrendered by owners that can no longer care for them due to difficult circumstances, and those that are suffering from neglect or abuse.

We place dogs in the best possible loving, responsible, committed permanent homes following our comprehensive adoption process which includes physically visiting all potential adopters in their homes, visiting with references, educating the prospective adopter about the level of responsibility we expect, and the costs of bringing a Samoyed into their home. Most importantly, we explain the lifelong commitment required for each rescued Samoyed, and what it means to accept responsibility for their new family member for the rest of their lives.

We provide for our rescues medical and behavioral needs, utilizing the best Veterinary Clinics and the most respected IACP Professional Trainers and Canine Behaviorists in North Texas. We will work with these professionals to help the abused, fearful, sick, and neglected to the best of our ability, helping each dog to become a happy, well-balanced family member.

Finally, we strive to work closely with other Northern Breed rescues, municipal shelters, and humane organizations to develop a network of volunteers and supporters to make a better world for Samoyeds in need and other homeless pets.

Adoption Policy

Our mission is rescuing Samoyed's in need. Those from shelters are boarded for 10 days while receiving all medical care needed. All dogs are rehabilitated, socialized, trained, groomed, micro chipped, spayed/neutered, and loved before placement.


Thank you for your interest in adopting! We have a smooth, easy adoption process here at SRT. Here are our General Adoption guidelines.

Please Note: Samoyed Rescue of Texas will rescue Samoyeds & Samoyed Mixes in need from anywhere our resources allow. However, we are currently only placing adoptable dogs in Texas, and the bordering States of Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico.


Step 1.) Adoption Application

Please fill it out the Adoption Application and email it to . We'll be sure to read about you and your family and call the references you listed (2 personal and 1 vet) to get to know you better. Please include a brief paragraph detailing activities you plan on having with your new Sammy; and what the word "commitment" means to you in relation to your new dog.

Step 2.) Home Visit

Once your application is on file and approved, a representative of SRT will then schedule a Home Visit. This isn't a white glove inspection by any means, it’s a chance to get to know you better, and assure your setting is safe environment for your new Sammy. Please be sure all family members are present, (children 21 and younger living in the home are required to be present). We will be mainly checking the fence and gates to make sure they're solid and secure, providing an escape-proof yard; and pointing out any potential puppy hazards, such as poisonous plants, wires, etc. If the Sammy you're interested in is still a young pup, we would also be recommending some easy ways to puppy-proof your home!

Step 3.) Meet & Greet

Once Steps 1 & 2 have been completed, we will schedule a time for your family (including any children or other animals) to meet the Samoyed you are interested in. You will have as much time as you want to see how everyone interacts, give them treats and see any tricks, go for a walk, ask questions, and hear more about their personality! Note: Potential adopters that are out of town are required to schedule a Meet & Greet in Dallas, Texas. You must be officially approved for adoption prior to any Meet & Greets. In many cases, adopters are allowed to take their the dog they are meeting home after this meeting, but it is not guaranteed.

Step 4.) Home Sweet Sammy Home

If your family decides to adopt one of our Sammys, we will help you choose the perfect welcome home items for your new pup, including a secure crate, comfy bed, durable toys, and nutritious food. There are so many brands out there. If you'd like, we can even recommend our favorite ones and how to find them at low prices.

Step 5.) Adoption!

If there's a good match for your family, the last step is to sign SRT's adoption agreement, pay the $400 -$700 Adoption Fee, (generally $400 for Seniors, and $700 for others), and take your new family member home! We are available to answer questions or offer any guidance we can to make the transition into your family as smooth as possible. We honor all of our adopted pups as alumni and are dedicated to helping our adoption families far beyond this step. SRT provides a family-like community of ongoing support by hosting fun events, providing new tips and ideas to try, and sharing memories.

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