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Bull luv able Paws and Chi Wawas Rescue

Dallas, TX

Our Mission

We are a great group of like minded people who want to see "no kill" listed on every local city shelter's doors in the DFW area. That would mean we have done our job and done it well. From Code Red to Code Home!

Dog rescue is necessary in Texas and especially in the Dallas area. Our beautiful baby's come mostly from the Arlington, Tx shelter but we are not opposed to pulling from other kill shelters as well. The problem is there are too many dogs, not enough homes, not enough fosters, not enough time and too many irresponsible dog owners in and around this area. With education, the over population of dogs and cats could be cut down but not until people care to do something about it. We pull euthanasia list dogs and place them in great forever homes by listing them on our Facebook pages and taking them to our adoption events in the DFW area. If you are interested in one of our great dogs, please PM us here.

Adoption Policy

Saving doggie lives, one by one, until, there are perhaps none but education of people in the Dallas area and everywhere needs to happen. In our lifetime, we would love to see a "cure" for the euthanasia of animals due to "space" and for every fur baby to have a loving and furever home.

Our doggie events are in Plano, Tx at the Petco at 801 W. 15th St

Our rescue coordinator's name there is Preston. He is great with our baby's and loves our small rescue coming every Sunday. We are there from 11am-5pm and can do home checks the day of the event. Our girls work tirelessly to find homes for all these babies. Please come check out our event or drop us a line and we can send you an application :)

You can also email us for an application


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Recommended Pets