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Our Mission

At Caturday we do not see kitties as "pets", but rather family members that deserve a lifelong commitment.

Our mission is to save as many cats & kittens as we possibly can. To find them forever homes, where they forget their beginnings on the streets of Houston. We aim to reduce the stray cat population through rescue, medical care, adoption, education, & outreach.

We are located in Houston, Texas - where there is an overpopulation of stray cats needing rescued & forever homes.

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Adoption Policy

- Everyone must submit an application.
- We require all approved adopters to complete a full vet checkup within 30 days of arrival. This includes an exam and complete fecal exam.
- Caturday Cat Rescue provides spay/neuter, deworm, parasite prevention, vaccinations, skin check, & microchip
- All of our kitties are to be lifelong family members.

Please be patient...
Keep in mind we are volunteers doing this in our spare time, out of our own pockets, with all the love and energy we have to give (which means a lot of sleepless nights). We sometimes have emergencies, rescues, and bottle babies we are also focusing on, on top of working full-time jobs, so the process of reviewing applications can be delayed.

We adopt to states in the PNW and locally in the Houston area. If adopting out of state there is a transport fee, charged by the transporter. $85-$125 plus any additional requirements of the Transporter (carrier, blanket, health certificate)

Please like and follow our page to help grow our little rescue.

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