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BCS Spay

PO Box 11773
College Station, TX 77842

Our Mission

Want to help save the lives of animals? Lend us a hand! 

Fostering is a great way to ready cats or kittens for adoption and enjoy having a pet without long term expense and only the cost of food and litter (we provide veterinary care). Perfect for students without much money to spare and unsure of their long-term plans.
If you are up for an adventure or like a challenge, we can train you to help trap cats for the elderly or disabled needing our help.
If you are good with social networking you can help share our adoptable cats and kittens to help find them homes. 
Donate funds or encourage others to contribute to our cause (time or money). 


BCS Spay is mainly a voucher program to help get stray/feral cats and pets with low income owners spayed/neutered to help control the number of animals needing homes. Forms for requesting vouchers are available from We fixed over 500 cats and dogs in Brazos

Adoption Policy

Since our main mission is spay & neuter, all our cats and kittens are fixed before they are adopted out. They also are microchipped for permanent identification (please register the microchip). If at least 3 months old they have been vaccinated for rabies. All are current on FVRCP (core triple vaccine for cats that is needed every 3-4 weeks until at least 16 weeks old). Little kittens (under 6 months old) are $80, older kittens are $60, and cats over a year old are $40. Yes, they are all liter box trained. Most our cats are intended to be kept strictly indoors as pets (we may know of a few feral cats suitable to be barn cats). Come meet some of our available kitties Saturdays 2-5pm at the College Station Petsmart on University (back by the cat litter). Or email to set up individual meeting at another time (after submit adoption application for pre-screening).

Adoption begins with a conversation to help find the right cat or kitten for you and make sure you are able to provide a safe, indoor home. Our adoption application is available from or at our adoption events.

We do not adopt out these cats to outdoor situations but we often know of cats from our trapping locations that would work as barn cats. Barn cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped and

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets