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Bosque Spay Neuter

Clifton, TX

Our Mission

Bosque Spay Neuter (BSN) is a nonprofit dedicated to providing access to affordable spay/neuter services for pet owners in Bosque County. Three days a week, BSN transports dogs and cats from Bosque County to the Animal Birth Control Clinic (ABC) in Waco, a nonprofit, affordable, spay/neuter clinic. This service makes it easier for Bosque County families that are financially challenged to spay and neuter their pets and relieves them of the worry of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. Since 2015, through our partnership with ABC, BSN has spayed and neutered over 3,500 cats and 800 dogs, helping Bosque County families provide needed preventative vet care for their loved pets

Image 1 Some of our wonderful volunteers!! Carol Linn, Executive Director Keisha Hilderbrand, field work, transport

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets