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Cleburne Animal Shelter

2375 Service Drive
PO Box 677
Cleburne, TX 76033

Our Mission

 The mission of Cleburne Animal Services is to protect and serve the citizens and animals of Cleburne by enforcing state health and safety codes and the local ordinances as they pertain to animals, by educating citizens on animal-related issues, promoting spay and neuter, and by maintaining a clean, efficient, and humane animal shelter.

Cleburne Animal Services is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of Cleburne as well as the animals. The animal services division responds to a variety of calls, including but not limited to: at-large animals, animals in traps, cruelty complaints, and nuisance barking complaints. The shelter provides a temporary safe haven for lost, abandoned, or unwanted animals.

Cleburne Animal Services endeavors to find suitable adopters, reputable rescue groups, and loving homes for these animals. In addition to these services the shelter also provides education services to the public regarding bite prevention, rabies prevention, responsible pet ownership, and proper dog training and behavior.

Adoption Policy

Cleburne Animal Services Pet adoption fee is $75 for dogs and $50 for Cats. Adoptions include:
Spay/ Neuter
Rabies Vaccination*
Age-Appropriate Vaccinations
Heartworm Test (dogs over 6 months)
Current Heartworm Prevention
Flea/ Tick Prevention
FOR QUESTIONS, TO ADOPT, OR IF YOU ARE A 501C3 RESCUE CALL THE ANIMAL SHELTER AT  817-556-8895 or EMAIL for a pet adoption application.

All adopters must be 18 years of age or older and provide a valid DL or ID to the shelter at the time of adoption. 

Cleburne Animal Services reserves the right to refuse adoption of any pet if the owner cannot meet the needs of the pet, or the animal exhibits behaviors that would pose a risk to the adopting party. CAS cannot guarantee the health or temperament of any pet adopted from the shelter. It is recommended you take your newly adopted pet for a health exam with a veterinarian within 5 days of adoption.

Please call in advance to check availability of a pet posted on

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Adoption Application

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