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Our Mission

We are a non-profit organization that takes in homeless/stray dogs.    We also work with a shelter to take some of their burden so they do not have to destroy a life.   We work with volunteers that help save dogs off the streets.   At any given time we have 70 to 100 dogs for adoption.  Our dogs are small, medium, or large, short hair or long, full blood or mixed, we love each one and look for the perfect home for each dog.  Occasionally we have puppies.


Adoption Policy

If you would like to adopt one of our precious guys just e-mails us and let us know which one you are interested in and we usually respond in less than 24 hours.  There are certain requirements that must be met, such as a fenced in yard and for some of the dogs to be allowed in the house to be part of the family and home life.  Email or call us so we can discuss the dog you are interested in adopting.  Some of our dogs are not posted yet so email us if you are looking for a certain type of dog, maybe we have what you are looking for to complete your "family".

We do not do online applications. You must contact us by email or phone. 


We now have the ability to ship dogs by P.E.T.S., ltd out of Tennessee

they go thru Texas close enough to us that we can put them on the transport to go to the North East States.  It cost about $150 to have them transported on Large trucks or trailers set up for the comfort of the dogs.

We are h

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets