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Storybook Rescues, Inc.

Cat Spring, TX

Our Mission

We are a rescue and a sanctuary. We rescue domestic animals and farm animals from abuse, abandonment, injury and certain death, and restore health and trust through a
network of kind-hearted fosters. Those that are rehabilitated and adoptable are spayed, neutered or gelded and placed in thoroughly-vetted forever homes. Those that cannot be adopted live out their lives at Storybook Rescues.

Adoption Policy

Storybook Rescues has a 3-page adoption application that all interested adopters must complete. It is available on our website and our Facebook page. Once the completed application is received, we contact the applicant by phone. References are checked and the adopter's veterinarian is contacted. If everything is satisfactory, an in-home visit is the last step.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets