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Our Mission

AS OF JUNE 1, 2022 WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCEPT DOGS INTO OUR PROGRAM. We will help in any way we can but do not have the capability of housing more dogs.

CAN is a 501c3, non-profit, foster based program. WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER. All animals in our program receive necessary vaccinations, tests, treatments or surgeries, are spayed or neutered and microchipped before being adopted. We rescue dogs from shelters, from the streets and country roads and accept owner surrenders (with provisions). Some dogs are COURTESY LISTINGS meaning the dogs are not in our control, but we will facilitate the adoption process.

One of the advantages of having our dogs in private homes is that we have an understanding of their temperament and personality.

Please be patient if we cannot answer you immediately - we do strive to respond within 24 hours to all inquiries.

Please consider adopting an adult or senior dog. These dogs are too often overlooked, when they make the easiest, most rewarding companions. In almost all cases, these dogs are already housetrained and no longer chew. It is a myth that an older dog cannot be retrained or fit into a different lifestyle. All they need is patience and caring. These dogs are more content to wait quietly for you to come home from work. These dogs are so very grateful for the love and attention - their only wish is for someone to love them and care for them.

WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER. All of our animals are in foster care. You may email with any questions.

Adoption Policy

We have an adoption application to complete and return which we will be happy to send to you upon request.
We require a vet reference (or two personal references).
If you are in a home we do require that you have a fence. We do not approve of invisible fences and welcome the opportunity to explain why.
We are happy to place dogs in apartments or condos depending upon the needs of the dog and the amount of exercise the dog would get. Our review process will take generally 2-7 days.
Upon approval of the application, we will arrange a home visit and bring the dog to your home for an introduction to existing pets. We do not leave the pet on this visit, but prefer to allow both parties to decide if this is the right match.
WE DO ADOPT OUT-OF-STATE on a case by case basis.
If the adoption goes forward, there is a legally binding adoption contract to be signed. THE ADOPTION IS NOT COMPLETE UNTIL THE SIGNED CONTRACT AND ADOPTION FEE ARE RECEIVED AND ANY SPECIAL PROVISIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED. PLEASE NOTE: Adoption Fees vary depending upon age and breed status. To find out more about adopting one of our pets please email

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