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Zoi's Animal Rescue (Texas)

Bryan, TX

Our Mission

Our mission is to function as a no-kill organization which is dedicated to rescue of companion animals, providing haven, rehabilitation and veterinary care for neglected or abused pets and then placing them responsible and stable homes. We strive to improve the lives of people through bonding with pets, promoting responsible pet ownership and kindness to all living things.

Adoption Policy

- 18 years or older with valid ID

- Have a safe and secure space for the type of pet you are adopting
-- All cats are to be indoor only
-- All dogs required a fenced yard (can discuss if no yard available)

- Current pets must be fully vetted (spayed, neutered, and vaccinations)

- If renting, ZAR will validate that you are able to keep the pet and that any deposits have been paid per the renter’s policy

- Be prepared to provide food, toys, grooming, training and vet care for the lifetime of the pet

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