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NaNook and NaKoda's Big Paw Rescue

Brownwood, TX

Adoption Policy

Once a large/giant breed dog has been released by it's former owner, rescued from a shelter, or been found as a stray, NNBPR accepts all responsibility for their medical care, feeding, grooming, training, and ultimate placement in a new home.

All prospective new guardians complete an adoption application and enter into a legally binding contract that specifies the care required for a large/giant breed dog and provides for reclamation of the dog by NNBPR if we ever has reason to feel that the care of the dog does not meet the NNBPR standard.

Under no circumstances is an intact dog ever released to a new Guardian. All pet adoptions are followed up on a periodic basis to assure that NNBPR standards are met.

All potential new guardians must meet with NNBPR personnel and the large/giant breed dog considered for pet adoption. Wherever possible the adoptive large/giant breed dog and other family dogs are also introduced in neutral territory. In the final analysis, the adoptive large/giant brred dog must be willing to go with the prospective new guardian. If the large/giant breed dog hesitates or refuses to go the whole adoption is off (we have had several instances of this and if the large/giant breed dog does not want to go we find another acceptable home for that large/giant breed dog). In general, many of the rescued large/giant breed dogs have been family pets before coming to NNBPR non profit for adoption. If at all possible, they are placed in a pet-oriented family home. However, the ever growing need to find homes has caused NNBPR to place large/giant breed dogs also in ranch/farm oriented environments. This approach appears to be working well in situations where the new owners are prepared to be both patient and compassionate towards the large/giant breed dogs in relation to his/her new environment.

Email us at for an adoption application.

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