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Cats' Angels, Inc. (Cats Angels)

Austin, TX

Our Mission

Cats’ Angels is an all volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing, caring for and re-homing abandoned or neglected companion animals, and to trapping/neutering/releasing feral and stray cats that are not adoptable. Cats’ Angels main purpose is to promote responsible pet ownership and the sterilization of all pets.

Adoption Policy

We require filling out an application form. Renters must provide proof of landlord authorization and of pet deposit. Applicants must list all previous pets and a veterinarian we can contact for a reference. We do not adopt kittens into homes with children under 6 years. Applicants over 65 years old must have an approved back-up in case they may no longer care for the cat. We only adopt in the Austin area. We deliver the cat to its new home and perform a home visit. The adoption fee is either $75 or $125, or we may accept a donation in lieu of the fee. The first month of adoption is a test month. The adoption fee will be refunded if the cat is returned within one month, or if Cats Angels, in its sole judgement, determines that the adoption is not in the interest of the cat within one month of adoption.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets