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Our Mission

Austin Odd Cats strives to "Keep Austin Weird" by rescuing special-needs kitties from high-kill shelters all over Texas, and then adopting them out to wonderful homes. We specialize in blind and visually impaired kittens, as well as amputee cats, deaf cats, etc. We believe that every cat deserves a chance at life, and that special needs cats are the most special felines of all!

Adoption Policy

All of our cats are available to indoor-only homes, with no exceptions. We welcome first-time special-needs cat adopters, as well as adopters with other animals. In some cases, with a kitten/cat who has very special needs, we will take multiple applications, but we generally operate on a first-come first-served basis. We require full vet references and landlord approval (if you rent your home).

Keep Austin Weird, and keep Austin's cats odd! Austin Kitty Love Hawking -- Austin Odd Cat's inspiration. RIP. Boozy! Squeezy! Tupac and Squeezy!
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