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Our Mission

With the number of stray animals in Texas, we are committed to saving the ones we can because to those animals it means life, a home, and happiness. We are dedicated to being the advocate for the animals we take in our program. That means being extra selective and cautious in choosing the home where the animal will be spend the rest of its life. We say 'no' when it's appropriate. Our commitment is to the animal, not the person adopting. An approved adopter will recognize the value we put into the dog and appreciate our procedure and guidelines.

Adoption Policy

We must have a completed application. After reviewing the application of a potential adopter, we will either do a phone call interview, or email applicant a denial response based on the application. If the goes past the phone interview, we move forward with vet checks, home checks, social media checks, etc. After this, we will arrange a home visit with the dog. Our policy states that if an adopter ever cannot keep the animal, they must return to the rescue. The cannot give the animal away to family or friends or anyone, and cannot turn in to a shelter. We do keep adopters on a mailing list and request updates and share what we are doing throughout the year. We are always available to the adopter for questions, suggestions or help.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets