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Gracie Lou Rescue & Rehab, Inc.

Arlington, TX

Our Mission

Animal Shelters have become revolving doors for many animals, and unintended outcomes occur due to lack of education and public awareness. Far too often people will purchase or adopt a pet, a cute new puppy or dog from the shelter, which can be a wonderful thing, but it is quite common that when that puppy potties in the house too much, ruins those expensive shoes, or just isn’t that “cute puppy“ anymore, it is dumped on the streets or back in the shelter as an “owner surrender”.

It is our mission to rescue animals and be their advocate and voice, by getting them out of that revolving door environment and into a true “fur-ever” home. This will be accomplished through our continued focus on quality care for all rescued animals and a proactive approach to public awareness and education. We strive to help every family who wants to foster or adopt be educated in animal welfare and provide them with resources and support to be happy, healthy pet owners.

Adoption Policy

Apply, home check, internet background check

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets