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Our Mission

Save as many lives as possible.

We do this by solving two huge problems—saving animals from overcrowded animal shelters and providing much-needed blood for life-saving veterinary care.

After being saved from euthanasia, our Hero animals give back by donating blood to save others. And the savings come full circle.

All our hero donors find homes through our “love guaranteed” adoption program while still in the best years of their lives.

Adoption Policy

Pura Sanguine is a in house shelter based, all-breed rescue dedicated to saving dogs and cats from desperate situations in the Houston area, caring for them and assuring their health, and finding their perfect forever homes.

We are proud to adopt out animals who we have spent time, love, and energy on preparing for their next journey in life. We do our very best to provide top notch medical care. All dogs and cats are heart worm tested regularly and are negative.

All of the Little Heroes at Pura Sanguine are from cities in or around Houston, Texas that are in desperate need of assistance with the overflowing animal population.

Adopters will have a phone interview with an adoption coordinator, sign an adoption contract, and pay an adoption fee.
All of the animals that are transported will travel in a USDA certified semi truck with 24/7 care and supervision.
Pura Sanguine is seeking adopters who are committed to the health and happiness of their newly adopted family members. We look forward to receiving heartwarming feedback from our adopters about their experience in saving a life through our organization.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets