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Our Mission

My mission is two-fold. One, to rescue and to get these animals’ immediate needs met. Their needs range anywhere from immediate medical intervention to getting fosters lined up. So, when they’re ready, they can be placed in their approved adoptive homes. Secondly, my mission is to go into our community to provide basic health care needs. I will provide Parvo Distemper shots, Bordetella shots, and microchips and I will try to educate the community as much as possible, by providing educational pet health and welfare materials.

Adoption Policy

Adopters must be 21+ years old and have proper identification. ALL members of the household must agree on the adoption. We do NOT allow adoptions to be surprises for others.

Out of state adoptions are ALLOWED. We currently adopt to homes located in OR, WA, ME, MA, SC, NH, and FL. We will also adopt to homes located within 200-250 miles from Amarillo, TX 79101, and may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for longer distances or other states.

Potential adopters must submit an initial application that will be followed up by a phone interview and home check. Potential adopters must be able to prove that property management permits pets if renting or prove homeownership.

We call two personal non-family references (ie. friends, neighbors or co-workers) that are to be listed on the application. If there are any current pets in the home, we will call your Veterinarian as well to ensure all pets are up to date on state required vaccines and are spayed/neutered.

Potential adopter must provide basic care for the life of the animal.

An adoption contract must be thoroughly read, completed, and signed by the adopter before the adoption is complete. The adoption process could range anywhere from a few hours, up to a week. We do NOT hold dogs/puppies.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets