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Tullahoma Animal Shelter

c/o Public Works Dept.
942 Maplewood Ave (P. O. Box 807)
Tullahoma, TN 37388

Our Mission

The Tullahoma Animal Shelter strives to reunite lost dogs with their families and to place unclaimed dogs into furever homes. Providing general and emergency vet care to the dogs in our shelter.

Adoption Policy

1. Contact us through Petfinder:
A. Let us know what you are looking for.
B. Why do you want a dog?
C. Do you own your Home or Rent
D. Do you have a veterinarian already in mind.
E. Would you be willing to take your new dog to get training.

2. Receive an email or call back from a Tullahoma Animal Shelter Staff Member.
A. Will help you pinpoint the best dog for you.

3. Set an appointment to visit our shelter.

4. Upon your visit, you will be able to interact with the new dog, to make sure he or she is the best fit for your home. (If not we will let you visit additional dogs in the shelter, until we have found your canine soulmate.

5. You are either:
a. Ready to adopt a furbaby!
1. You will need to bring:
Driver's License or State Issued ID, Adoption Fee (Cash or Check Only) $35

b. or you are looking forward to visiting us again until you find the right match. (Please also consider serving the canine community through fostering with us or volunteering to walk some of our dogs at the shelter, and get them exercise and fresh air. (We stress this highly at our shelter, socializing dogs, is key to preparing a dog to join a new home.)

6. At the time of adoption you will receive a certificate of ownership, and a few tips to help you get your dog situated in their new home.

  • day hours
    Monday 7-4:30
    Tuesday 7-4:30
    Wednesday 7-4:30
    Thursday 7-4:30
    Friday 7-4:30
    Saturday 8-3:30
    Sunday Closed
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