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Rosies Rescues

1010 State Route 22
Tiptonville, TN 38079

Our Mission

We are a small rescue that we do out of our home. So please call for a appointment being stopping by to see a pet you see listed on Sundays we are closed. During the week we are by appointment after you call and set up one.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is: you email the rescue and we will send you a link for the application. Once it is filled out we will go over it,then we will contact you for us to do a home visit. Once the home visit is finished and all is good. You will be asked to make a deposit on the pip/dog cat/kitten you are adopting. A date will be set up to pick up the pet you are adopting. When you pick up the pet your adopting, you will be asked to sign a contract where you will sign that states if you are to get rid of the dog you are to call us. The dog can not be given away. All of out dogs are microchipped. We do not have a set adoption fee it is based on each dogs needs. The dog/pup will be spayed/neutered have all of there puppy shots and current shots for there first year of life. They will also be started on heartworm medicine as long as the dog is heartworm negative. and be given there first month of flea prevention. Cat/kittens will be spayed/neutered have there shots and S.N.A.P. tested to make sure there healthy.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets