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We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Animal Rescue who operates solely on donations.
Our county currently has no public shelter or rescue with a location; nor do we have an animal control. We are maxed out with rescued strays at the moment, & we desperately need a building to house these animals / continue to accept more. We are having to keep them at our personal farm & with fosters- but we have no more space at the moment.
? Our name is inspired by one of our personal pets- Halo.
?Halo? is a Great Pyrenees who is one of the guardian over our farm. What began as a typical goat/sheep farm quickly grew to have a variety of species- all who were saved from bad situations.
Any rescue that we have brought in & introduced to her, she has taken under her wing as her own. No threat comes close to her adoptees, and if they tried- Halo can take down a pack of coyotes on her own if their fence was ever breached. There are “No Lambs Left Behind” when she’s on duty- and that went for any of “her” creatures.
She is a protector, a nurturer, & a fighter for those who can’t defend themselves. Halo has continuously ensured a safe haven for any animal in need- hence why our rescue is named after her. ?
Our mission is to offer care & a safe haven for any animal in need. ?
This even includes:
•Farm Animals
•Specia Needs
•Aquatic Species
•Wildlife Transport
•Aggressive/Reactive Animals
?Furthermore, helping the homeless & the pet owners that are struggling by temporarily housing/caring for their animals in times of need would be a great asset to provide to the community.
We all struggle sometimes, & need help to get back on our feet. This small act of love could improve or even save so many lives in need.
?We would also love to work with our county’s first responders to aid in relief for animals in emergency situations.
This would offer Pick Up+Transport from scene of incident & temporary holding/housing for animals affected by (but not limited to):
?Owner Fatality/Hospitalization Due To:
-Vehicle Accidents
-Severe Weather
?Loss of Home Due To:
?& Yes, even owners on their way to jail that had their pet present during the time of arrest. ?
We are working with a neighboring county to learn how to acquire the proper permits for adding Animal Control onto our sanctuary.
Any animal adopted out from us will undergo vetting, evaluation, grooming and training as needed to help them become more suitable for thier forever home.
Please come together with us to help our community & to save our stray

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