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Our Mission

Sunny Side Up Cat Sanctuary is dedicated to providing a cage-free safe haven for abandoned, neglected or mistreated senior cats (5 years old and above).
All kitties receive humane, compassionate medical and emotional attention while awaiting appropriately matched, carefully vetted forever homes.
We enthusiastically educate prospective adopters (& anyone who'll listen) on real-world, practical ways they can help cats not just survive, but to THRIVE! This is why we provide supplies and 60 days' worth of food and litter. We find that sending the kitties off to a new environment with the things they are familiar with sets them up for success. Adopted cats are received back any time and for any reason, taking the stress off of the adoptive parent if circumstances change.

Adoption Policy

Adoption process is multi-faceted and includes both phone and in person interviews, detailed application and contract review, agreement, signature and concession to home visit(s). Adoption fee is a donation towards the cat(s) medical bills and supplies that will be supplied to make the cat(s) transition as easy as possible. Cat(s) will be returned to the Sanctuary at any time and for any reason the cat is no longer able to remain in the adopter’s care.

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