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Our Mission

We RESCUE, REHABILITATE, and REHOME. We love animals and believe it is our purpose on this earth to rescue as many as we can.

Adoption Policy

We review ALL applications within 48 hours of receiving them. 

If your application is approved, we will contact you via text or phone call in order to set up a meet and greet for you and your potential new family member.

If you do not hear back from an Alpha Omega representative after the 48 hour processing period, your application was denied due to either the inquired pet being adopted, or we feel it will not be the right fit.

The final adoption will NOT happen on the day of the meet and greet.

* On the final adoption day, the new owner will sign an agreement with Alpha Omega Rescue stating ownership, as well as if they ever choose to get rid of the animal that Alpha Omega will be the FIRST to be contacted

* The adoption fee is refundable within five days after adoption if your new furry friend does not seem to fit in with your family. After five days the adoption fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. NOTE: If the adoption fee is refunded within the five-day grace period, a $50 processing fee will be deducted from the adoption fee refund.

* All adoption fees can be paid in cash, through Venmo or under the donation tab on our site. All adoptions fees are considered donations and go straight to help the next rescues we get in. 

* The last step of the adoption process is taking your new family member home and loving them furrever!

We so look forward to helping you find your new family member! Thank you for choosing our Rescue!

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Recommended Pets