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Humane Society of East TN

1611 E Broadway
1611 E Broadway
Maryville, TN 37802

Our Mission

NEW PET ADOPTION CENTER IS NOW OPEN!  The Humane Society of East Tennessee has a new pet adoption center.  This new adoption center is located at 355 Gill Street, Suite 103, Alcoa, TN  37701. 

Stay tuned for our free nail-trimming clinics!  See info on our website at

NOM NOM GOURMET POPCORN!  The Humane Society of East Tennessee´s fundraising efforts are underway again this year and we are excited to be selling NOM NOM GOURMET POPCORN! With your generous support, we will be able to purchase important items for our shelter Pets. The funds raised this year will help us purchase and provide food, medical care and life-saving vaccines. They will also help us pay for spay and neuter services for each pet PRIOR to it being adopted, eliminating any possibility of reproducing, (which in turn reduces euthanasia rates at Municipal Shelters). Your support can help a lonely cat, homeless dog, senior pet, puppy mill puppy or puppy mi

Adoption Policy

LOOK FOR THE WORD "TWOFUR" IN OUR LISTINGS!  We have several pairs of cats or kittens that are very attached to one another and they will need to be adopted together.  If you see the word "TWOFUR" in our listing, that means you get TWO PETS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.  It's the least we can do to help "bonded pairs" get adopted together into their forever home!  Remember, twice the fun, twice as nice, but certainly not twice the price!

All of our adoptable pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. They also receive vaccinations, a deworming, flea & tick treatment and a microchip. Cats 4 months and older are tested for Feline Leukemia and dogs 6 months and older are tested for Heartworms. Our puppies and dogs receive a monthly dose of heartworm preventative.

If you currently have pets in your home, we require that they have the same or better standard of care that we provide our adoptable pets. Therefore, if yo

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets