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Almost Home Animal Rescue

PO Box 5302
Maryville, TN 37802

Our Mission

Almost Home strives for innovative ways to rescue and place animals into loving environments. We are an organization that consists of volunteers with varied interests and experiences, all working towards the betterment of animals. By working within our own group, assisting and educating the public on spaying & neutering, and working with other rescues and sanctuaries, we will see a significant change in the perception and treatment of all animals.

Almost Home believes that every animal deserves a loving home regardless of appearance, age, or physical limitation. We have come together to give animals in need the safe and happy life they all deserve. Almost Home Animal Rescue believes that no animal is expendable.

Adoption Policy

Adopting a friend:
The animals, lucky enough to find refuge with Almost Home, are all in loving foster homes. If you are interested in the possibility of giving one of the animals a new lease on life, please contact the individual foster. The contact information is listed at the end of each biography.

What you need to do to adopt:
If you would like to adopt a pet in need from Almost Home, basically, an application must be filled out. We will check two personal references and a vet reference. If you are approved for adoption, there is a trial period of about one week to make sure this is the animal for you and you are the person for the animal. Along with the trial period, a contract must be signed that basically states that if ever you cannot keep the animal that you must return the animal to Almost Home. Last but not least, a home check will be done.


The adoption fee for a cat is $85 and the adoption fee for two cats is $155.

The adoption fee for a kitten is $100 and the adoption fee for two kittens is $185. The adoption fee does include the kittens being fixed when they are old enough.

The adoption fee for a dog is $150. The adoption fee for two dogs is $275.

The adoption fee for a puppy is $200 and the adoption fee for two is $375. The adoption fee does include the puppies being fixed and their rabies when they are old enough.

The adoption of more animals or a different combination of animals will be worked out.

Mature pet adoption fees are reduced.

The adoption fee for pure bred dogs and cats will vary due to health and age of pet. This helps support our ill animals and our mutts that get left in the system longer.

We do reserve the right to change the fees higher or lower due to the circumstance of the animal but what was stated above are the usual adoption fees. Microchipped pets will have a higher adoption fee. Most of the time the adoption fee does not cover the cost of the vetting and care the animal has received with us and if it ever does, the money just goes back it to helping other animals in need.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets