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Freetown Farm Sanctuary, LLC

Lebanon, TN

Our Mission

Since 2005, our family farm has been dedicated to providing refuge for animals in need. Whether house, farm, or exotic pet, we have seen it all before. Currently, our focus is working out of foster homes in the greater Middle Tennessee area to allow rescue pets the time to decompress in environments similar to their future forever homes.

Adoption Policy

Is -insert pet name- available?
We keep the listings up to date. However, by asking this question, many people miss their opportunity to even apply for the pet. While you await the answer, someone who followed the correct steps and applied will be reviewed, approved, and offered an opportunity to meet him/her.

What is your phone number?
We do not communicate by phone with potential adopters until the application process has begun. This rescue has no staff. You are only working with volunteers who have day jobs, families, personal lives, and animals (their own as well as fosters) to take care of every single day. Email is a wonderful invention because it allows us to communicate with people at any odd hour we might have available.

Do you consider out of state adopters?
Yes. Please submit an application for the animal and include any supplementary information you would like about yourself and the home you would provide in the same initial email. The more you are able to paint a picture for us, the better, as it is always difficult to send our beloved family members a great distance away.

Why is your adoption fee so high? This is ridiculous—I’d rather give my money to a breeder!

It is odd that people are more pained in giving their money to shelters and rescues, who use the money to help animals in need, than they are to breeders, who use the money for whatever they would like; maybe the dogs, maybe a trip to Disneyworld. The assumption that rescue is a profitable business could not be further from the truth.
If a rescue group takes in a healthy pet that costs a minimal amount to make ready for adoption (neutering/spaying, grooming, vaccinations, microchip, monthly preventatives), the “profit” from that animal is applied to the vetting costs of the many others who are not as fortunate.
We work with traumatized animals, treat illnesses and injuries—providing care that the original owners either refused to provide or could not afford. Rescuers do whatever is necessary and it can often take several months to return the animal to good health, physically and/or mentally. For every puppy that 10 people are clamoring for, there is an old or fearful dog that no one has applied for as months or even years pass; he is welcome and loved, but costs money in food, vetting, and supplies that far exceed any reasonable adoption fee.
We foster these animals in our homes, making them part of the family while providing the aforementioned care and training. We spend hours on the computer each day–communicating with shelter workers, coordinating transports, guiding new foster parents or volunteers, responding to adoption inquiries, arranging help for animals in distress.

Can I have a discount?

I am interested in more than one animal. Can you cut me a deal since I would be taking two animals off of your hands?
No. We are not against people adopting two pets at once from us (and sometimes they wish to do this because the animals are bonded), but their adoption fees are what they are.

Was your letter of approval exclusively sent to me?
No, the letter of approval can be sent to any number of people for a particular pet. We are not in this line of work to cause more suffering, I assure you, but disappointment does happen. There are often multiple excellent potential homes for an animal and there is no need to choose only one to approve. Often this means that the animal goes to his/her new home faster and space is made available for those in need sooner.
If approved, you will be written and given the opportunity to make an appointment to meet your potential new family member.

Do you offer holds?

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