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Adoption Policy


PUTTING GOOD CATS IN GOOD HOMES IS OUR MISSION. The primary goal of Stray Connection is to make the best possible match for each cat adopted to ensure both the cat and adoptive family are happy and committed to a long term relationship. For that reason, we do not necessarily accept the first application for any given cat, but the one we feel is the best home for that pet. When selecting the adoptive family, we take many things into consideration, including the cat’s personality and behavior typical of their age. For example, adult cats may be more confident and do well as single pets, while young kittens can become bored and lonely in single pet homes. Bored, lonely kittens can become destructive, and ultimately unhappy adult cats. For this reason we will usually require kittens to be adopted in pairs, or into a home where we feel there is enough continual stimulation to prevent boredom (e.g. having another pet for a buddy).

MEETING OUR CATS – Our cats live in loving foster homes. You can meet many of them on most Saturdays at PetSmart on Morrell Road (next to West Town Mall) from 1-4pm. During the week there are 2-3 of our cats featured at AgriFeed on Middlebrook Pike. If you wish to meet a specific cat, please contact us to confirm location.

ADOPTION PROCESS – We typically do not do same day adoptions. Potential adopters are required to complete an application, and information will be verified as quickly as possible. You may request an application by emailing At the time of adoption, adopters must sign a contract indicating their willingness to obtain all remaining vaccinations, treatments, and spay or neuter. If a placement doesn't work out (e.g., a family member discovers he/she is allergic), the animal is returned to the Stray Connection and re-adopted. The Stray Connection will consider out of state adoption if the adopter is a very good match for the cat (and therefore unlikely to return) and is willing to pick up in Knoxville; however, preference is given to local adopters. Generally, we prefer not to adopt kittens to homes without a playmate/companion (i.e., another cat or dog who is not crated during the day).

ADOPTION FEE – Our fee varies based on the age and breed of the cat. All fees include testing for feline leukemia and aids, the series of distemper vaccines, the rabies vaccines, wormings, advantage so they are flea free when you take them home, a veterinary exam, and the spay or neuter. Microchipping is available for an additional $45. The adoption fee is waived for qualifying adopters interested in one of our sponsored cats. Bonded cats may be offered at a discount if adopted as a pair.

DONATIONS AND/OR VOLUNTEERING – Stray Connection pays for all vet care for cats and kittens in foster care, which can often exceed the adoption fee. Donations to cover these costs are greatly appreciated. We also rely on volunteers for our operation – from volunteers who can staff adoption fairs and transport cats/cages to individuals willing to open their home for foster care. If you are interested in making a donation or volunteering in any way, please email

Elektra - one of the super hero kitties! Tokyo - one of the city kitties! Frosty - one of the super hero kitties! Geneva - one of the city kitties! Mystique - one of the super hero kitties!
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