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Operation Bun Bun Rescue

Knoxville, TN

Our Mission

All pets deserve a loving home, and no animal should be discarded because they are no longer enjoyable. We will ensure forever homes for all pets who enter our care.

Adoption Policy

The first step is the adoption application. A vet is always called and referenced. Then we reach out to the potential adopter and let them know if we had any issues with the vet reference. If resolved, we do a home check. This can be a quick check to make sure they have adequate litter boxes and space for cats, or making sure our bunnies and small animals have a suitable setup and won't be confined to a cage. This can be done virtually for out of state adoptions. There is always a meet and greet and then a contract must be signed and the adoption fee must be paid before the pet is transferred to the care of the adopter.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets