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Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley

6717 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919

Our Mission

Our Vision: To end euthanasia of adoptable animals in Tennessee.

Our Mission: The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley provides Solutions for ending euthanasia of adoptable animals: Adopt, Spay, Keep.

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley (HSTV) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. HSTV is solely funded by private donations and grants. HSTV does not serve any government contracts nor receive any funding through tax revenues. HSTV works with, yet is not affiliated with, other animal welfare organizations including Young-Williams Animal Center and other municipal shelters.

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley was founded in 1885, nine years after ASPCA was charted in New York City. We originally operated as The Knox County Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Animals. In 1996, the name was changed to Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley to represent the organization’s large service area.  In 2001, HSTV changed its mission statement declaring itself a no-kill facility.

Defining No-Kill: HSTV is a no-kill organization as defined by NoKillNation, Maddie’s Fund and Best Friends’ Animal Society.  These groups collectively define no-kill as:  Saving both healthy and treatable dogs and cats, with euthanasia reserved only for unhealthy and untreatable animals.

Unhealthy and untreatable animals are defined as:
an animal having a behavioral or temperamental characteristic that poses a health or safety risk, and is not likely to become healthy or treatable even if given the care provided by reasonable and caring pet owners in the community.
an animal suffering from a disease, injury, or congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the animal’s health or is likely to adversely affect the animal’s health in the future, and is not likely to become “healthy” or “treatable” even if provided the care typically provided to pets by reasonable and caring pet owners in the community.
Defining Adoptable Animals:
animals eight weeks of age or older.
have manifested no sign of a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet.
have manifested no sign of disease, injury, or congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the animal or that is likely to adversely affect the animal’s health in the future.

How HSTV Operates:
HSTV partners with open admission shelters (shelters that are funded by tax payer dollars and do not refuse any animal) in 33 surrounding counties and growing that are faced with low adoption numbers and consequently high euthanasia rates.  We provide a second chance for pets that are at risk for euthanasia in these facilities and make them available for adoption at our Adopt-A-Pet facility.

HSTV operates a low cost spay and neuter clinic (Fix-A-Pet) where spay/neuter services and vaccinations are offered at a reduced price to encourage responsible pet ownership.  While clinic services are available to all income levels, we specifically focus on providing accessible care to those individuals who otherwise could not afford veterinary care.

HSTV educates this generation and the next generation to be responsible and compassionate animal guardians through social media, working with children and teenagers through local civic clubs and most importantly, having one-on-one conversations with each person who comes through our doors.

Adoption Policy

Standard adoption fees:
Adult dog $150.00 Puppy $250.00
Adult Cat $50.00 Kitten $125.00

HSTV Adoption Process
1) Meet with the animal you are interested in adopting – either at our shelter, at an
event or in foster care.

2) Fill out an Adoption Application including a valid state issued photo ID that
verifies you are 18 years or older.

3) Meet with an adoption counselor to discuss the animal you are interested in and
answer any questions you have.

4) Adoption counselors approve adoptions based on a “best match” basis not on a
first-come basis. Management reserves the right to prohibit adoption of outsideonly
pets based on certain breeds or ages.

5) Adoption counselors check all applications against a registry of previous animal
neglect and/or abuse.

6) Pay the adoption fee (varies depending on the animal). Standard adoption fees:
Adult dog $150.00 Puppy $250.00 Cat $75.00 Kitten $125.00

7) Once the animal is ready to go home (altered and up to date on shots), the
adoption will be finalized.

8) Fill out the Adoption Contract and choose a Veterinarian for your first visit.

9) Discuss your new pet’s medical records, pet insurance, dog training, puppy
socialization, and go over any special notes with the adoption counselor.

10) Fill out the Microchip information so that your pet can be found if ever lost.

11) Have your “Gotcha Day” photo taken to remember adoption day!

12) Adoption fees include spaying or neutering, a free office visit at a partner
veterinary clinic, microchip, temporary leash/carrier, initial vaccinations and
preventatives. Please call on us if you have any questions once you get home.

We are here for you!

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