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Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue

Johnson City, TN

Our Mission

Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue is dedicated to saving the lives of the tiniest felines. Every kitten season thousands of orphaned or sick kittens are at risk of death, both on the streets and in animal shelters. Without a mother to care for them, human intervention, specialized care, or medical intervention these kittens face impossible odds and often don’t survive. 

Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue is on a mission to give every kitten a chance at a full life and to work towards ending the unnecessary death of neonatal kittens.  We partner with local agencies to aid in relieving overburdened shelters and rescues.  We rescue individual orphans in need and also rescue pregnant or nursing queens with at risk kittens. Our rescue focuses on providing specialized hands-on care to neonatal, injured, or special needs kittens by providing services such as around-the-clock feedings and ongoing medical care. Our rescued felines never have to face harsh weather conditions or hunger while in our care.  Once a kitten has overcome obstacles such as illness or malnutrition, we focus on appropriate socialization in order to prepare them for adoption into their forever homes.

Adoption Policy

Tiny Miracles Kitten Rescue does NOT adopt out the following:
*Kittens under 8 weeks of age
*ANY UNALTERED kitten, regardless of situation or circumstance
*Kittens that are showing signs of illness/undiagnosed condition
*To Potential ADOPTERS that have plans on declawing kitten in the future
*Anyone registered on TBI’s Animal Cruelty Registry
*Kittens into a “single pet” home
-This kitten would be the only animal in the home AND adopters are away from the home most of the day.

Applicants must be 18 or older

Adoption fees:
*Queens: $45
*Kitten 6 months to 1 year of age: $65
*Kittens under 6 months of age: $90
*$20 discount for those who wear “The Uniform” (Military members past and present, Police, EMS, Fire Department- Must show proof)
*$20 discount if adopting more than 1 kitten

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