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Karin 4 Kritters

1601 Beech Springs Rd (physical)
Greenfield, TN 38230

Our Mission

Karin' 4 Kritters Animal Rescue and Shelter is located in Greenfield, TN. We were founded in 2007 when a handful of people realized how many dogs were being euthanized at our local city pound. Since Karin4Kritters has been in existence, our local city pound (who takes in approximately 100-125 dogs a year) has not had to euthanize any dogs for space. The two people who now comprise this rescue not only feed our local city pound residents daily, but we also pay for the food as well (in return we are not charged a pull fee for our rescues). This rescue has sent 300-400 puppies up north for homes through Companion Pet Rescue this year alone. We rely solely on donations to function; dependable volunteers are also greatly appreciated. The shelter founder has a job and spends every other waking moment hands on in the rescue caring for the dogs in both the shelter and the city shelter. This shelter has saved many lives since its conception. We need funding in order to add more electrical wiring/outlets to utilize heated water buckets in order to prevent the dogs' water from freezing in the winter weather. The dogs depend upon us and they have not and will not be let down. We would LOVE to improve the daily lives of the dogs who reside in the shelter until they find permanent homes, and this will require some much deserved assistance both with funding and hands on tasks.

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