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Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter

Gainesboro, TN

Our Mission

As a brand-new organization founded in 2022, we at the Friends of Jackson County Animal Shelter seek to provide a safe space for lost, abandoned, owners surrendered, neglected, or injured animals. By providing a space for the animals to live, we also strive to ensure our animals are treated with the best care whether that be medical, emotional, or physical by providing food, shelter, and other basic needs they wouldn’t get otherwise. Through our program, not only do we house the animals, but we work as partners with our local communities and others in the surrounding counties to ensure our animals go to a loving and caring home fully equipped to handle any needs the animals bring with them. Through our matchmaking program, we work diligently to ensure the safety of not only our animals but the adoptive families as well. Overall, we seek to be the premier shelter for the animals, bring families and their future pets together safely and educationally, and ultimately partner with communities and organizations to continue to make a difference in the sphere of animal care.

Adoption Policy

We will take into consideration the pet and people's needs first to make sure it could be a good fit. Then the adopters must pass all reference checks and if needed home inspection.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets