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Our Mission

Here at Foxy Family, we help any species we are capable of caring for

We are dedicated to helping spay/
& neuter pets, one litter at a time

Adoption Policy

Prior to meeting our animals we require you to be an approved adopter . In order to be approved you will first need to fill out our application which you'll need to ask for. I will review it, if your vet references check out and you seem like a good fit we will then set up a virtual meet and greet prior to a in person meet and greet. During the virtual meet and greet we will want to see a bit of your home and any of your current pets. If that checks out you can meet the animal in person and take home the same day. At the time of adoption you will pay fees and sign our return contract. Cats will be adopted into inside only homes.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets