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Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc.

86 Landfill Way
PO Box 513
Bolivar, TN 38008

Our Mission

We have so many precious babies that deserve a better life, that it is impossible to select just one. Please help them find responsible and caring homes! Their fate is in your hands! Text Charla Cooper 731-234-4421 for information on any of the dogs on this site. We desperately need volunteers to help us...our shelter is full.

HAA is a group of volunteers moving dogs from the Hardeman County animal control kill facility. We place them in a shelter that is located in the county landfill, but operated by the HAA volunteers. The dogs are then evaluated, cared for by a veterinarian if necessary, and placed on our list of available, adoptable dogs. All dogs taken in are strays, owner surrenders or breeder throwaways. HAA protects the dogs from euthanasia, adopt them out to appropriate homes or deliver them to other rescue groups who can place them. Very seldom do we know the history of the dogs.

HAA is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit charitable organization.

Our EIN (Employer Identification) 45-4588559

Adoption Policy

Please help us in any way find responsible and caring homes for these poor dogs and pups that no one wanted, and were left to be disposed of as if they were trash. They deserve better! "To save one dog at a time."

At the present time, the Shelter is open each morning. We ask that you call Charla Cooper at 731-234-4421 or text Jennifer Smallwood at 731-609-0408 before making the trip. The facility is located in the Hardeman County Landfill at 86 Landfill Way. It is on the West side of Bolivar TN, off of Walton Road which is on the South side of Highway 64. 

Hardeman Adoptable Animals, Inc. 

PO Box 513 

Bolivar, TN 38008                                                              

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