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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the number of homeless and abandoned cats by providing a safe harbor and medical attention until they can be adopted into loving homes.

Link to our adoption application me/adopt/WWRS/Cat

Adoption Policy

Link to our adoption application me/adopt/WWRS/Cat

If you cannot keep the cat you adopted from us, you must return the cat to us.

Children: If you have a child under 6 years of age, you must adopt a cat or kitten who is 6 months or older.

It is recommended that kittens under 10 months of age be adopted in pairs unless there is a young cat already in the home.

It is preferred to adopt to indoor cat homes.

Our cats may not be declawed. If you want a declawed cat, ask if we have one that is already declawed.

We will come to your home prior to adoption to ensure that the cat will be in a safe environment. As a result, we restrict adoptions to a 100 mile radius of Memphis TN

We will also visit the cat after adoption to make sure you and the cat are happy.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets