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Almost Home Canine Rescue

Sioux Falls, SD

Our Mission

Dedicated to assisting, rescuing, fostering and providing a lifetime of love and care for unwanted, homeless, abused or neglected animals.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption application can be filled out at :)

Once the application is filled out, we will review your application, call your personal and vet references, and schedule a home visit. The home visit lasts about 20 minutes and gives us the opportunity to get to you know as a family and ensure your home is a good environment for the dog you're interested in. We send your application to the foster family and ask their opinion on your family as a home for their foster dog. Because they know their foster dog the best, we give them a say in where the dog goes. These dogs become our family, and we want to ensure they're going to a home the foster feels comfortable about.

After your application is approved, we get you into contact with the foster family so you can set up a time to meet the dog you are interested in. You can adopt the dog at any time after you are approved. There is an adoption contract to complete. The adoption fee can be given to the foster family at the time of adoption.

After the dog has been in your home for 2 weeks, we make the adoption final and then deposit your check and register the microchip with the information you have provided on the contract.

We encourage updates as we love to see our previous animals happy and enjoying their new lives :)

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