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Our Mission

At Rosie Rescue, we believe in the power of compassion and the boundless love that dogs bring into our lives. Our journey began with a shared passion for fostering dogs, witnessing their remarkable transformations, and feeling an unwavering commitment to making a lasting difference. Today, we stand united, a team of dedicated individuals who have come together to turn stories of despair into narratives of hope.

Our hearts ache for the countless dogs in the southeast and beyond who face uncertain fates. Dogs that are teeming with potential, resilience, and affection, yet find themselves at risk of being cast aside. It's this very urgency, this undeniable call to action, that prompted us to start Rosie Rescue. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide a lifeline to dogs in need, offering them a second chance, a warm embrace, and a future brimming with possibilities.

With a collective experience spanning years, our team brings a wealth of knowledge, unwavering dedication, and a shared commitment to animal welfare. We understand the trials and triumphs of fostering, the heartaches of seeing innocent lives on the brink, and the sheer joy of witnessing a dog take its first steps toward a brighter tomorrow. It is this deep-rooted understanding that fuels our resolve to create a haven where every wagging tail signifies a chapter of resilience, recovery, and renewal.

As you navigate through our website, you'll discover the stories that define us - tales of second chances, tales of unbreakable bonds, and tales of extraordinary transformations. Join us on this incredible journey of compassion and change. Whether you're considering adoption, seeking ways to support our cause, or simply looking to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts, you've found a community that shares your passion.

Together, we'll continue to rewrite the narratives of dogs in need, one chapter of hope at a time. Welcome to Rosie Rescue, where every tail has a tale of hope.

Adoption Policy

Please know that adopters must be at least 18 years old and have a valid, government issued ID.
Home visits by Rosie Rescue adoption coordinators are required prior to adoption.
Rosie Rescue reserves the right to refuse any adoption application for any reason

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