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Humane Society of McCormick County, Inc.

Mc Cormick, SC

Our Mission

The Humane Society of McCormick County is a non-profit, no-kill organization formed in September 2000. We have a managed intake cat and dog shelter. We are all volunteers who raise every cent of our operating capital ourselves. Our rural county is a very poor county in South Carolina. Statistically 18% of the county's population is at the federal income poverty level or below.

McCormick County does not have a county shelter or an open-admission shelter.

We help those cats and dogs that would otherwise have no place to go.

We approach this problem through our "No more litters... fix your critters" low cost spay/neuter program. We altered a total of 280 dogs and cats in 2020! (96 McCormick County owned dogs and cats free of charge to those who qualified for it, 126 HSMC rescues, and 58 trap-neuter/spay-return-monitor.)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets