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Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary

5604 New Road
Hollywood, SC 29449

Our Mission

Hallie Hill is an almost 30-year-old sanctuary that provides a safe-haven for about 150 dogs and 50 cats on any given day.

 1.We provide long term care for those animals unable to find a home and we support No Kill in the Charleston Community by providing a final home for some of the older or hard-to-place animals from other shelters.

 2. We play a critical part in the continuum of care for many animals with severe medical issues, as we rehabilitate animals who are medically or emotionally challenged until they are ready to find a permanent home.

 3. We provide community outreach – we fund surgeries and medical care, deliver dog and cat food, build dog houses and even provide straw for bedding. We trap feral cat colonies and take them for spay/neuter surgery.

 4. We provide adoptions – every animal we adopt into a private home allows us to save another.

  5. We have a growing volunteer program, and are looking to and expand these activitie

Adoption Policy

We do adoptions by appointment only and do not do same day adoptions. Complete an application and we will call you to schedule an appointment to meet some of our animals.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets