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Raskel's Rescue

11642 Speedway Blvd
Hardeeville, SC 29927

Our Mission

Raskel's Rescue is a non profit organization that is dedicated to placing homeless animals into their forever homes.

Adoption Policy

Our main goal is to place animals in the right home to increase owner retention. For example, we would avoid placing a highly active dog into a sedentary home. Our application does not allow for anyone to apply for a specific animal, it is more of a questionnaire so that it has people think about what they are looking for. Such as an active dog vs a calm dog or a dog that needs grooming often vs a short haired dog. We just want to make the right match for your household.

  • day hours
    Monday -
    Tuesday -
    Wednesday -
    Thursday 12pm-5pm
    Friday 12pm-5pm
    Saturday 12pm-5pm
    Sunday 12pm-5pm

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