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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)(3) rescue saving lives through spaying/neutering, adoptions, & providing the opportunity for community awareness, education & involvement.

The Barker Rescue Project is run 100% by volunteers and donations. We primarily focus on pregnant/ nursing mama cats with kittens and orphaned kittens.

Adoption Policy

These are the conditions in which we ask any adopter to abide by. This is an effort to make sure every cat in our rescue finds a stable and loving home for the rest of their life.

_ I am at least 18 years of age and reside in a residence I own OR one I rent that is pet friendly. I am adopting a cat/kitten today for the sole reason of said cat/kitten being a companion animal.
_ I agree to always provide the necessary care for the cat/kitten I adopt today. This includes, but is not limited to humane treatment including food, water, shelter, proper veterinarian care, socialization and love.
_ Every cat/kitten available for adoption is a rescue animal and has possibly been exposed to a variety of diseases (in the shelter, outdoors, etc.) and The Barker Rescue Project recommends the cat/kitten be seen by a veterinarian within 3 weeks of adoption to verify health and establish a program of preventative health care.
_The Barker Rescue Project does not guarantee the health of any cat/kitten adopted or assume any responsibility for vet care after adoption.
_ Every cat/kitten (unless noted otherwise due to age/medical reason) has been implanted with a microchip before being adopted. The microchip will be updated with adopter’s information at the time medical records
are mailed after adoption. I agree to always keep my cat’s microchip information up to date.
_ The cat/kitten is being adopted for myself and will not be sold to any pet store, research laboratory, or surrendered to an animal shelter, etc. under any circumstances. If ownership of the cat/kitten is no longer possible, I will notify The Barker Rescue Project. I will not re-home the cat/kitten via Craigslist, Facebook, etc. unless new adopter has been verified by The Barker Rescue Project. *We will always take a cat/kitten back
into the rescue at any point after adoption.
_ I will not allow my cat/kitten outside without proper supervision, unless it is a cat/kitten with a history of being outdoors and the indoor/outdoor situation was discussed prior to adoption. If I allow my cat/kitten outdoors, I will provide proper housing and access to food and water at all times. *Rescue cats often times have a history of living outdoors and it can be difficult to contain them indoors, we understand there will be
special circumstances where some cats will be indoor/outdoor. We encourage everyone to make every effort possible to keep your cat/kitten indoors.
_ The Barker Rescue Project strongly advises against declawing a cat/kitten. IF I chose to do so, I will research the procedure and weigh the options thoroughly. I will also consult my primary veterinarian prior to making a decision.
_ The introduction of the cat/kitten to other pets in the household must be done with care as to not stress out either the resident pets or the new cat/kitten. In addition, a quarantine of your new cat/kitten is suggested until they get a clean bill of health from your veterinarian. *Many adoptions that do not work out
are a result of improper introductions, please take this introduction seriously and slowly.
_ Cats/kittens rescued from the shelter can be kept in foster care for any period of time (from a couple days to a couple months). The Barker Rescue Project makes no promises as to the temperament of the adopted cat/kitten and is not responsible for future damages or injuries caused by the cat/kitten.
_ I give The Barker Rescue Project the right to inspect my home or call my listed phone number to assure that the cat/kitten is being properly treated and cared for. I agree the cat/kitten may be removed from my home if any conditions of the adoption contract have been violated.
_ My donation of $____ is non-refundable, even if the adoption does not work out and I have to return the cat/kitten.
Y/N: My picture with my new adopted cat/kitten can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
I acknowledge a full understanding of all terms and conditions listed above. I acknowledge receipt of the cat/kitten named _____________________ and release The Barker Rescue Project from any liability for damage/injury hereafter caused by said cat/kitten. If needed, I agree to return said cat/kitten to The Barker Rescue Project making no charges of any nature for licensing, care, food, or other services. I agree to pay
reasonable attorney fees and court expenses if The Barker Rescue Project must bring legal action against me to enforce this contract. I shall personally be responsible for the humane care and control of the cat/kitten. A representative of The Barker Rescue Project shall be allowed to see the cat under the conditions set forth above.

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