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Carolina Loving Hound Rescue

Greenville, SC

Our Mission

Carolina Loving Hound Rescue is formed by a passion for Hounds of all types and Sizes. Our Primary purpose is to pull Dachshunds and Hounds out of South Carolina Euthanasia Shelters with a heavy emphasis on the medically needy.

With the abundance of Hounds dumped into SC Shelters on a daily basis we are unable to save them all. But the ones we do, are fully vetted and rehabilitated prior to placement into a forever home. We specialize in Dachshunds and the Under-Hounds. Taking one Hound at a time and turning an Under-Hound into a Wonder-Hound! 

We are a Group of volunteers that dedicate a large portion of our lives to save, educate and change perceptions of the most miss-understood breed there is. The Treeing Walker Coonhound! Sharing our Hounds and their stories has allowed us to find forever homes and broaden peoples understanding on what an excellent addition a TWC can be to any family. 

The intelligence of a TWC far surpasses some of the more popular breeds. TWC&#

Adoption Policy

Our Adoption process is simple but non-negotiable

1. E-mail us for an application

2. Someone will contact you within 7 days to review your application

3. All information will be verified

4. We will determine what animal you are interested in

5. Upon initial approval a home visit and a meet and greet will take place

6. Once Approved an Adoption Contract will be signed 

7. Your journey with your new family member begins

8. 2 Week post adoption Visit


Out-of State Adoptions will be considered on a case by case

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets