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Paisley's Bunny Rescue

Conway, SC

Our Mission

Paisley's Bunny Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit bunny rescue. We rescue bunnies from hoarding situations, lab testing facilities and bunnies that have been abandoned or neglected and abused. We place as many bunnies as possible into loving, caring homes and those that are not adopted live out their lives at our facility's sanctuary. All bunnies are spayed/neutered before adoption and vaccinated for RHDV. We also provide education about bunny adoption, vet care, dietary requirements, living arrangements - everything you need to know to determine if a bunny is the right companion for you and how to acclimate the new family member into the home.

Adoption Policy

Potential adopter will fill out an adoption application and make an appointment with Paisley's to visit the rescue. The visitors are interviewed about their knowledge of bunnies, their vet, where the bunnies will be housed, etc. and references are checked. If all goes well, then the adoption will proceed and the Adoption Contract is completed. Once someone adopts a bunny from Paisley's, they are never on their own. Paisley's is always available to advise and guide the new adopter on how to take care of their bunny.

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