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Our Mission

We get rascally rabbits ready for a new home while we educate the public on how to keep these buns happy and safe.

Adoption Policy

Our typical bunny adoption process:

On average we have about 16 bunnies that are in need of a home. The requirements for adoption are A copy of your drivers license, an appropriate indoor or outdoor enclosure as well as play area and payment of the adoption fee.
You can send a photo of your drivers license to 803-295-1689 or you can bring a copy with you.
Indoor housing must have an exercise pen and some kind of a hutch or hideaway so that your bun feels safe. Even if you plan to free roam your bun you will still need to provide him or her an exercise pen during times that he/she is not being supervised.
Outdoor enclosures require a hutch and play yard. The hutch must have small half inch by half inch wire squares too small for snakes to fit through. Floors in the hutch cannot be wire. If it has wire you can cover this with tile. Wire floors are too hard on their feet. All of our bunnies require a litter box.
Proof of your enclosure can be provided by photos. We also ask that you be open to the possibility of an in-home visit.
The adoption fee starts at $120 and that covers spay/neuter.

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