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Our Mission

Our goal is to slow the number of unwanted pregnancies in our community and surrounding areas by taking strays into our rescue and providing proper care and socialization. When they are ready, we find them homes.We also provide community interaction by attending community events where we talk to the community and educate them about the importance of important animals welfare issues such as medical care, sterilization, containing pets, etc. When funds allow we help those with strays to trap and get them sterilied and vetted, so that they can be released without further reproduction capabilities.

Adoption Policy

We find them appropiate homes by providing an application to be filled out, references checked and a family visit. We follow up in an appropiate amount of time to ensure everything is going as expected. We also send out papers with our cats that give a little insight into when to seek vet care for their new family member and how to introduce it to other cats, dogd, and children.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets