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Chester County Animal Shelter

2714 Dawson Drive
Chester, SC 29706

Our Mission

Chester County Animal Control is dedicated to rescuing the abandoned and neglected animals in our area. In addition to responding to both emergency and routine animal control calls, our shelter provides a safe place for animals to wait for adoption or rescue. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to protect, save, and find homes for every animal that enters our facility.

Adoption Policy

We require that all current animals in a potential adopters home are vaccinated and altered. We thoroughly evaluate every individual interested in adopting one of our pets and make sure that they meet all of the animals needs. We require dogs to meet prior to a “staycation.” Our staycations ensure that the potential new pet is the perfect fit and gets along with all humans and pets in the home. We do not adopt out animals intended to live outside, with the exception of our barn cat program.

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