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Our Mission

We are a rescue for HIGH RISK rabbits. Most have been confiscated by animal control or from other life and death situations. Our bunnies were forgotten, neglected, or worse. These bunnies have been through some nightmare situations.

Adoption includes:
* spay or neuter
* RHDV vaccination
* emotional issues addressed during foster
* vet and health care given during foster as needed
* good bunny behaviors and socialization addressed during foster

Our bunnies have emerging personalities that can be both fun and frustrating as you go along. They may make mistakes, just as we all do. They are not perfect. But we have worked hard to give you the best possible bunny companion that we can.

We ask you to consider providing the happy ending to their stories by adding one of our companion rabbits to your life. If you are interested in applying for adoption or in applying to become a foster with us, please contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE that due to the volume of rabbits coming in directly from animal control, WR is NOT able to take in owner surrenders. We WILL try our best to help you through whatever issues you are having so that you can keep your rabbit as a beloved companion pet. DO contact us for advice!

To fill out an Application to Foster or Adopt, please follow this link:

Adoption Policy

Adopters fill out an application. We evaluate the application, check personal and vet references and do home visits before adoption is approved. Upon approval and to finalize adoption, an adoption contract is signed by adopter and Wayward Rabbits.

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