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Northwest Animal Protection League

West Warwick, RI

Our Mission

The North West Animal Protection League (NWAPL) of RI is a local non-profit humane organization. Its goal is to provide a safe haven for the community’s abused, abandoned, injured and homeless animals, with the goal of rehabilitating them and finding them permanent, loving homes. This is made possible solely by caring individuals that donate their time, love, and homes to our cause. We truly believe that no animal is a lost cause. Working together, we are saving lives and making a difference. NWAPL is funded solely through private donations and volunteer fundraising activities. All funds go toward animal care directly through food, shelter and medical care.

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We are in desperate need of donations to fund high cost medical bills with our veterinarians. Several times a year we end up with rescues that require thousands of dollars worth of medical attention. We refuse to turn those animals away and give them hope for a better future filled with unconditional love. Please consider donating today. Any amount helps. No donation is too small. From the bottom of our furry hearts, we thank you. >^..^

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