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Altruistic Dog Rescue

Warren, RI

Our Mission

At Altruistic Dog Rescue, our mission is to rescue dogs from kill shelters, bad circumstances, and undesirable conditions, while also helping humans find their new family members. We are driven by a deep commitment to altruism and the belief that every dog deserves a loving and safe home.

Our primary focus is on saving dogs at risk of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters, providing them with necessary medical care, rehabilitation, and a nurturing environment. We strive to give these dogs a second chance at life, ensuring they are physically and emotionally ready for adoption.

In addition to rescuing dogs, we are dedicated to helping humans find their perfect companions. We believe that the bond between humans and dogs is mutually beneficial, and we work diligently to match each dog with the right family or individual. We take into consideration the unique needs, preferences, and lifestyles of both the dog and the adopter to ensure a successful and lasting adoption.

Altruism is at the core of our organization. We are committed to promoting compassion, empathy, and responsible pet ownership within our community. Through education and outreach programs, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of adopting rescue dogs and the positive impact it has on both the dog and the adopter.

At Altruistic Dog Rescue, we envision a world where no dog is left behind, where every dog has the opportunity to experience love, care, and a forever home. We are driven by our passion for saving lives and making a difference, one dog at a time.

Together, with the support of our dedicated volunteers, donors, and community, we are working towards a future where every dog's journey ends in happiness and where humans and dogs can create lifelong bonds of love and companionship.

Altruistic Dog Rescue- Saving Lives, Finding Homes, and Fostering Hope.

Adoption Policy

We interview potential adopters, call their references (both personal and veterinary) and we then do meet and greets with foster input on interaction before approval.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets