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Our Mission

Our mission is to save as many lives as possible. While we get in mostly cats, we won't turn down other pets in need. We take on the hard cases that others won't - the starving, the beaten, the broken down. We travel to dangerous locations to take animals out of conditions only thought of in nightmares. We spend hours at a time waiting to trap just a single cat in unsafe conditions for both us, and the animals... all to make sure they get the best life possible.
We rely on donations and the kindness of other's hearts to make sure we can save, vet, and rehome as many animals as we can. We take the sick and suffering, treat them, and prepare them for homes in any way that they need. We are entirely dedicated to every single animal that comes through our doors.

Adoption Policy

First, we become notified of a cat or animal in need. This can come in many different forms; owner surrender, stray needing to be trapped, foster who needs temporary placement, or being notified through a third party of an animal needing help.

Secondly, we come into possession of said animal. This may happen by someone dropping them off, finally trapping a cat, meeting in a pre-designated area to receive the animal-in-need, or even raising funds to fly them to us.

Third, the evaluation. This is done by both the veterinarian, and us. We take in the animal and check it over to see if it needs emergency veterinary care, or if it's as simple as scheduling an appointment for a check-up, shots, and spay/neuter.

Fourth, it's not un-common for a feral or skittish cat to need some extra TLC and socialization. If the animal needs either one of these, either they'll be sent to foster care, or we'll keep them in-home until they're ready to be adopted out.

Finally, they're ready to go. Now we start reaching out and see who's inquired about the animal to find them the perfect home. Adopters fill out an adoption application and if it's approved, set a date for the pick-up!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets